Claims, Dispute and Litigation

Claims, Disputes and Litigation

Although personally instructed for many Protection and Indemnity and Hull and Machinery claims over the years our experience is greatly extended as a result of providing technical support to claims handlers at times when guidance is requested.

Although not yet able to cover the full spectrum of services such as those offered by larger marine consultancies, we do have expertise in the following areas:

Underwater Surveying

Protection and Indemnity
Cargo and Personal Injury claims generally.

Hull and Machinery Claims
For fire and flooding of engine rooms as well as any individual machinery damage.

Off-Spec Bunker Related Claims:
We can attend for either Protection and Indemnity or Hull and Machinery interests

For any claim involving damage to fenders, piers, knuckles or damage to marine infrastructure.

On/Off Hire:
We are able to offer an opinion on vessel condition at redelivery.

Expert Witness:
For any diverse marine matter, please Contact Us for a preliminary review.
Our expertise includes offering expert opinion in all matters concerning survey checklists, loss prevention and risk management procedure, the extent and limitations of a condition survey, selection and instruction of surveyors and the application of defect warranties or indeed any limitation of cover then arising.

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